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LE FANFICTION LE FANFICTION TESORO AHHH TI AMO MI MANCHI TANTO dobbiamo scrivere 36473 hbo war fics insieme(??????)

;AAAA; MI AMOR vedi so anche lo spagnolo mi manchi un sacco anche tu

ma io non scrivo per niente bene ma leggerei qualunque cosa tu scrivessi omg 

comunque lo sapevo che iniziare le hbo war sarebbe stato uno sbaglio, sarà per quello che ho procrastinato tipo un anno prima di vedere band of brothers 


I was tagged by: buckyhorrorpictureshow, I love you and I miss you so much ;__;

  1. I don’t want school to start again
  2. in the last few days I read more hbo war fanfiction than I’d be willing to admit
  3. I watch the vampire diaries and I feel quite ashamed for liking it
  4. when I’m happy I enjoy listening to depressing songs
  5. I managed to break four external hard drives

I’m tagging: everyone who wants to do this c:

I don't listen to anyone sweetheart

morgane / mɔʁ.ɡan / noun: 1. intj. bisexual. only cares about fictional characters and band members. looks like expired yogurt. likes talking about literature, history, and mythology. makes awful themes and graphics. 2. likes incestuous and codependent siblings from the 16th century, demigods with golden hair and boys who will follow them in death and at the end of the world, friends who talked of revolution, queer zombies, murderous classics students, and wolves that will come again.
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